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Sep 9, 2019

In this episode I chat with returning guest, Timo Henderson! Timo is a multi-instrumentalist composer and we chat about the creation of his latest track, Dancing with the Duchess.

Listen to Timo's first appearance on The John Crinan Podcast here:

Aug 26, 2019

In this bonus episode, I chat about my key takeaways from Steven Pressfield's book about overcoming Resistance in your creative work, Do The Work.

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Aug 12, 2019

In this episode, I chat with writer and podcaster, Daniel Willcocks!

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03:45 - 20BooksTo50k Edinburgh
06:15 - Meet people who are doing the thing...

Jul 29, 2019

In this episode, I chat with with writer, filmmaker, and podcaster, Luke Kondor!

02:08 - It’s early… What have you accomplished already today?
04:40 - The universal slap in the face
06:26 - What Luke studied at Uni
08:00 - Luke’s early projects at Uni

Jul 15, 2019

In this episode, I chat with writer and actor, Hannah Mariska!

  • 03:14 - First day at the writer’s retreat
  • 06:50 - Reading to an audience
  • 08:54 - What was the daily routine like at the retreat?
  • 10:16 - Daily word goals
  • 13:38 - Wattpad -